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Predicting User-Engagement on YouTube

I choose this topic as part of my mandatory master’s thesis. Coming from a digital agency background, I wanted to explore the theoretical side of social media. During my time at the agency, clients and peers had always been complaining about social media engagement – why aren’t we getting results? That is where I thought…

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Why Centralized Marketing maybe a Bad Idea

Marketing centralization and standardization has been an important topic of research for marketers over the years and continues to be crucial in the future. Centralization of marketing efforts refers to the implementation of steady, uniform marketing and communication programs or processes, across all national and international boundaries. Centralization marketing structure involves all marketing decisions performed…

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Determinants of Creativity

This research will always be very close to my heart! I, along with a group of four people, choose this topic as part of our mandatory undergraduate thesis. I will start with a bit of context on how we actually were stupid enough to select such a subjective matter for our research. I was always…

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